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Marfeel Connect is the first plug & learn revenue stream aggregator available for publishers that provides a comprehensive dashboard to drive ad revenue strategy.


Marfeel Connect consolidates a publisher’s revenue streams to deliver the unparalleled holistic vision that empowers decision making.

Atenea is Marfeel's knowledge base for partners, publishers, and the public to learn more about what Marfeel is doing and how they're doing it. It is the perfect place to learn more about Marfeel Connect.

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Marfeel Atenea:
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Connect your data providers

To get the most from Connect, it’s crucial that you connect your Google Analytics account. There are several revenue streams ready to be connected seamlessly at the click of a button, and this list keeps growing. 

To learn more about connecting a specific data provider, click one of the icons below.

Time is money, stop wasting it.

Before Marfeel Connect, you had to log into each one of your revenue streams, export the data, and try to standardize the KPIs to make them comparable. When you thought you were done, it was already time to do it all over again. 

It is time to say goodbye to this time-consuming process. 

Now with only one login, you will understand the way your readers interact with your content and how that translates to revenue, in no time.

And best of all, this incredibly useful tool is completely free, forever.

ARPU (Average Revenue per User)


Average Session Time

Ad Request

Fill Rate

eCPM (Effective Cost per Thousand Impressions)

CTR (Click-through Rate)

CPC (Cost per Click)

PV / V (PageViews per Visit)

ADR / PV (Ad Requests per PageView)

ADR / V (Ad Requests per Visit)

Boost your ad revenue with 3 simple steps:

Step 1
Connect your Analytics and Revenue Streams with this free tool

Step 2
Analyze and compare your consolidated engagement and revenue performance

Step 3
Optimize your revenue stream strategy

Discover the KPIs




Marfeel provides a collection of 12 comprehensive KPIs on the Insight Dashboard that track the relationship between engagement and monetization. Collectively, these metrics strengthen publishers with a thorough understanding needed to take the actions that will maximize the average revenue per visit.